Filled Cushion for Your Beddings and Pillows

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Filled cushions basically provide support and warmth which could ultimately define the level of comfort for you and your family’s sleep and relaxation. Before investing in various beddings and pillows for your comfort, it is best that you know what these pillows are filled with. If you make the mistake of say, getting a feather filled cushion for your pillows when you are highly allergic, this will prove to be very uncomfortable and a big mistake. This is why, it pays to know the filled cushion used for your beddings and pillows. 

The most common types of filled cushion are cotton, duck feather and goose feather. Cotton filled cushions basically give you ample softness while maintaining the firmness as well. Cotton filled cushions also give out a fresh feeling because cotton allows the pillows or the beddings to breathe or take in and push out air. The best cotton filled cushions are those that do not mix this with other fibres, for instance 100% cotton cushions. Cotton filled cushions are also affordable and can be washed. Duck feather filled cushions provide softness but there are times that the quills may prove to be troublesome. Goose feather, on the other hand, are softer than the duck feather and rarely has quills that may be troublesome. Both duck and goose feather filled cushions determine its firmness through the amount used to fill it. This is known as the firm power. The firm power of feather filled cushions is measured through numbers; on a scale basis. Generally, the higher the firm power is, the more feathers are used which translates to a firmer cushion. Feather filled cushions are more expensive than cotton filled ones.

There are also other materials used for filled cushion such as micro fibres, foam, synthetic fills and more. Knowing these details allow you to have an informed decision about your beddings and pillow investments. You can now choose something that you can be sure of that will give you the best and greatest comfort for your sleep and rest. Not to mention, knowing these allows you to avoid big mistakes such as having allergic reactions when it is time for you to rest. 

These filled cushions are available almost anywhere and everywhere. These are available both in store and online, so you wouldn’t have a hard time finding one for you and your family. You can even pick different kinds of filled cushion depending on what your family wants.

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Filled Cushion for Your Beddings and Pillows

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Filled Cushion for Your Beddings and Pillows

This article was published on 2011/06/22