How to Choose Between Meditation Cushions

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For many years, people who practice meditation have been using meditation cushions to make their experience as comfortable and rewarding as possible. Meditation cushions make a huge impact and difference to a meditation session and experience. They make it more effective.

These cushions should be considered by anyone who meditates. Using these cushions allows you to enjoy a deeper and more effective meditation. Yet, there's many kinds of cushions out there so it's important to know what to look for when choosing between these cushions.

Meditation cushions are commonly referred to as Zafus. They are designed to help the meditation practitioner have a more comfortable, relaxed, and effective meditation session. These cushions do this by allowing you to sit as comfortably as possible while you meditate.  They make you as comfortable as possible by giving you the necessary support to keep your spine aligned. This obviously works to take away any distraction caused by knee, back, or joint pain. As we all know, a pain in the body is a great distraction to anyone while they are in the middle of meditating.

Choosing between meditation cushions will depend greatly on the location in which you will be meditating. If you are going to meditate on hard ground such as tile or wood floors then you will need a completely different type of cushion than if you were going to meditate on soft ground such as carpet or grass. The harder the floor, the thicker your cushions should be.

Meditation cushions work to correct the effects of gravity upon the spinal cord. This is essential for deep meditation since while meditating, the spine naturally weighs down the practitioner and causes discomfort after prolonged practice. This happens even to those with strong lower back muscles.  Essentially, these cushions are very important tools in anyone's meditation practice and become more and more necessary as you meditate for longer periods.

Find out more about meditation cushions benches, and tips on how to get started meditating.

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How to Choose Between Meditation Cushions

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This article was published on 2010/04/01