How To Use Seating Cushions To Make An Office Chair More Comfortable

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Office chairs can often be very expensive, especially those chairs that have built-in seating cushions for added support. For many people they may be too expensive to fit within a budget. Unfortunately, sitting in a chair that does not have the proper seating cushions built in can be more than just a discomfort. Over time, the incorrect position of the body can cause muscular problems and even spinal misalignment.

It is important for the spine to stay in alignment in order for it to function properly and for us to not feel any pain or stiffness. The spine is made up of a column of bones which surround and protect the spinal column that transmits all of the nerve impulses throughout our body. A complex series of muscles is constantly at work to ensure that the spine stays aligned. When the alignment is thrown off, the muscles become fatigued and this muscle fatigue can lead to pain and disability months or years down the road.

In order to keep our spines in alignment there are a few steps that we can take. One is to maintain proper posture even when sitting. Seating cushions can help us do this especially if we are using the right kind of cushions on our chairs. They can change the angle at which we sit and this can help to keep our backs straight and our muscles from becoming fatigued and sore.

There are a few different types of seating cushions that you may want to consider adding to an office chair in order to improve the position of your body and spinal column. Seating cushions that provide targeted support to our lumbar spine can help to relieve the amount of body weight our bodies are forced to support. Wedge seating cushions can change the angle at which we sit and this can help to address any alignment problems we may be dealing with.

Unfortunately, many people try to use massaging seating cushions but these do not provide the support you need to keep your spine properly aligned. They may ease pain and discomfort but will not help you to keep your spine healthy. Massaging seating cushions can be fantastic for short term use as they can relieve tired and aching muscles but will do very little to prevent them.

The kind of cushion you use is important as is the quality of the seating cushions you are purchasing. Look for ones that are well made and which have the level of firmness you feel comfortable with. Seating cushions should be filled with foam that is thick and durable and which is unlikely to break down. Although it may seem expensive to purchase good quality seating cushions they can be much more affordable than office chairs that have the proper support built into them.

If you are deciding whether or not to purchase cushions which are covered in fabric it can be a good idea to do so. The fabric can cover the surface of the foam and keep it from wearing out and breaking down with time.

By choosing the right cushions you will end up feeling much more comfortable as you will not have to deal with the pain and stiffness that bad spinal alignment will bring.

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How To Use Seating Cushions To Make An Office Chair More Comfortable

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This article was published on 2010/10/25