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HC shoes network on March 3 hearing, the Sports shoes The production, to achieve the air cushion shock absorption, energy return, the purpose of decoration is the world's production of sports shoes is common practice, the production of sports shoes in China the use of air cushion is also very common. However, the lack of sports shoes in various factory functions and performance of air-cushion-depth research, leading to cushion the functionality, performance products can not meet the requirements, even for the use of cushion to the wearer of the larger sports injury. Neglect on the cushion of the shoes not only affects the value of the upgrade, use the inconvenience caused to customers; and limit the depth of China's footwear industry, the development impact of our Shoes Position in the world, and hinder the march to the high-end products.

Classified by material Different materials to cushion the effects are great. At present the material most commonly used air-cushion polyurethane ( PU ) Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and so on. The following introduces Polyurethane Insole Blow molding polyurethane air cushion and air cushion, air cushion and PVC hard PVC soft cushion, thermoplastic polyurethane and thermoplastic polyurethane cushion trombone filling of oil cushion and the use of the advantages and performance.

Polyurethane (PU) Good overall performance polyurethane material. Not only is its high strength, high elasticity, high compressive strength, excellent tear resistance, abrasion resistance, oxygen and ozone, solvent (such as non-polar solvent hexane, heptane, paraffin oil, for almost polar solvent polyurethane no effect, even in high temperature conditions, the polyurethane in the non-polar solvents in the swelling too small) and light weight, lightweight design makes sense for the shoes. However, poor water resistance of polyurethane, high internal heat.

Polyurethane insole cushions mostly hidden cushion, fixed between the insole and midsole. The overall thickness of the thin air cushion, the internal pressure of small, generally do not ask for shock absorption design of sports shoes. Such as golf shoes, badminton shoes, etc., are hidden does not leak air-cushion design.

Blow molding polyurethane air cushion, is the most widely used up to the cushion, Nike Well-known brands such as Air Series shoes are almost always used in air-cushion polyurethane cushion. It can use different parts, emphasizing the different functions and the wearer's age and other circumstances of the specific design of the internal pressure into different, different structure, different thickness and different colors to achieve different effects and different damping energy regression functions, and can and shoes other parts of the design echoes the visual effects and sensory effects to achieve synchronization.

polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Wide PVC raw materials, low cost production technology is mature, and based on adding different additives and different amount of additives can produce transparent and opaque products and different products such as soft and hard, so color can quickly change the color changes echo sneakers. But the PVC impact strength, low thermal distortion great resilience as polyurethane.

PVC soft cushion series, trombone series with the thermoplastic polyurethane used in the design and location all have similarities, and more for the heel, can design a different color pattern, used to feel effects and visual effects Double income.

Hard PVC cushion series, with harder PVC material, designed a variety of air-cushion compression-resistant colors. Generally more used to the heel, shape similar to the honeycomb structure.
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Sports Shoes Air Cushion Great Deal Of Diversity Breakdown Jiemi - Sports Shoes, Shoes, Air Cushion

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Sports Shoes Air Cushion Great Deal Of Diversity Breakdown Jiemi - Sports Shoes, Shoes, Air Cushion

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