Use comfortable chair cushions to avoid back problems

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More than standing, sitting burdens our body and bones. The rise in cases such as back problems, neck problems, etc has brought the attention of people on this issue which was earlier ignores as inconsequential. Correct sitting posture is very important to avoid such problems in future.

People who take care of all these issues are likely to enjoy their life more without pain and other posture related troubles. These days’ companies are also launching wellness or care products keeping in mind orthopedic needs of people. A wide spectrum of chair cushions, Seat cushions and cushion pads are available that are manufactured solely for matching these needs. To choose from, there is a variety of different seat cushions if the standard seat is not sufficient.

Many companies offer softer seats on the basis of body weight like < 70 kg, 70-90 kg and > 90 kg. For people who are very thin, there are also specially built seats for people as their needs are different. The companies generally use latex in R1 quality in order to achieve a softer seat and maintaining the endurance of the seat. Firer seats are offered for the 57 cm wide chairs.

Travelling is something which cannot be avoided and business executives, sports persons and celebrities cannot avoid it. For such frequent globe trotters, chair covers, pads or a cushion are a good idea as they are comfortable and can be taken easily with them. To address the problems of back pain, neck pain, etc, one may wish to have chair covers, cushion or pads even in personal chair that is used on a regular basis.

Sometimes putting the supportive chair covers or pads onto the existing chair may offer lot of relief when an individual suffer from a sore back. It is important that one first determines what area he or she needs the support in, as each of the chair covers, pads, or cushion will have a bit of a different design and meant for support in a different way. It may be just a slight adjustment in the postures of an individual that can make a difference in some cases. A variety of seat cushions, chair cushions and cushion pads like Wing Back Support, Tush Cush for Car or Computer Seat, Memory Seat Cushions, Shiatsu Massage Cushion, Air Low Back Cushion, Magnetic Seat Cushion, Adjustable Leg Cushions, Ergonomic Back Support, Gel Backrest, Air Full Back Cushion, etc are available these days.

Available in various sizes, cushion pads are also recognized as fillers and inners. The cushion cover size varies from 6” – 36”. One should see that the cover required is 2” smaller than the size of the pad i.e. a cushion pad of 18” will require the cover of 16”if a person wants more plumpness at the time of purchasing a cushion pad.


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Use comfortable chair cushions to avoid back problems

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Use comfortable chair cushions to avoid back problems

This article was published on 2011/11/16